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Nick at Waterview Coffee Project shows how baristas can do yoga.

January 18, 2015 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

As we aim to show you and the world that yoga or physical training, a bit of stretch should be a part of everyone’s lives, we are introducing our fresh look on Yoga with our new editorial “Week of Yoga Inspiration” that will consist of lots of interesting, fun as well as useful articles from a six-sense perspective.

We are keen to start with trying to achieve the impossible. This week we asked our local Barista Nick from Waterview Coffee Project (Auckland, New Zealand) to demonstrate what sort of yoga routine can be used while making a cup of great coffee.

Papaya Stories team challenged Nick to stretch and focus on making delicious latte at the same time. The result is shown below. Our great professional barista Nick proves that those two skills can work together in harmony simaltenuously. We broke another stereotype, yay!

Now it’s your turn! If you work as a barista yourself, try to do these two simple yoga poses that will strengethen and at the same time release tension from your legs, hips. Do them carefully and slowly, watching an improvement from day to day!

Nick Barista Waterview Coffee Project-Barista Yoga Nick Barista Waterview Coffee Project-Barista Yoga 1 Nick Barista Waterview Coffee Project-Barista Yoga 2

Once you are done with those asanas, sit in a lotus position for 5 minutes or so to take a moment to de-breath, take the stress out and be ready to serve another cup of coffee.

Please mind that it might take a while before you are able sit and relax in a lotus properly. Depending on everyone’s case and body structures it might take you up to a month, provided you are practicing and warming up your legs muscles on a daily basis. So please don’t be in rush to reach a lotus pose on your first day of a practice. Just sit still, keeping your legs slightly crossed one on top of another, or simply keep your legs folded beneath you, close your eyes and switch off your brain. Enjoy your meditation time.

Nick Barista Waterview Coffee Project-Barista Yoga 5

Did you like this idea? Stay tuned with our new inspirational yoga idea as Yana Papaya is going to show what other yoga standing poses you can do while working at the coffee store. Follow our interactive yoga project on our Instragram (@papayastories) by #doingworkdoyoga and if you feel inspired and skilled in yoga enough, post your photos using the same hashtags #doingworkdoyoga and #papayastories  to show us what sort of yoga-barista you are! 😉

Baristas from all around the world please participate, it’s fun, interactive, collaborative and inspirational !!!

Nick Barista Waterview Coffee Project-Barista Yoga 4

Photos and copy by Yana Papaya.  Specials thanks Nick for modelling and being a barista yogi 😉

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