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Silent Disco For Birthdays.

Personalised outdoor or indoor fun experience.

April 4, 2018 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Are you stressing about what do to on your birthday?

Don’t know how to make everyone comfortable and bring people together?

Would you like to organise a surprise for a special person?

Book a group personalised Silent Disco Citywalk package for your friends and family (10-40 people).

Price options and packages vary. Please contact the team at papayastories@gmail.com for a quote.

Silent Disco Citywalk is a liberating multi-sensory experience that represents a 60-minutes or 90-minutes music-and-dance walking tour around or outside of Auckland. We can also create an indoor experience depending on your location. We provide you with Silent Disco headphones and a fun personalised entertainment programme. Each participant hears the same music playlist and pre-recorded programme that includes fun games, activities, jokes and riddles that encourage people to get together and interact with each other. Plus, our entertainers will look after you at the event and add an additional creative flair to the experience.

We’ll sort you out with Silent Disco headphones, do a quick group warm up and will take you on a fun city adventure encouraging to get loose, be free, playful, walk or dance along to groovy tunes. Our playlist is full of songs that suit all ages and music preferences, plus our entertainment and performing act will boost the event experience. We can make it an indoor or outdoor experience. We can organise a DJ battle or let your employees become a DJ for a day.  The opportunities are endless. 

Feel free to check out the video below to get inspired.

Make sure you will make most of our personalised package that includes:

  1. A design of the route depending on your preferred location. You are more than welcome to choose one of our Central routes. 
  2. A personalised music playlist based on the tastes and preferences
  3. A set of fun activities and surprises that fits team’s interests, passions and also reflects some personal stories.
  4. An interaction with performers – magician, mimes, break dancers, musicians, fire acrobat, circus artists, stand-up comedians and etc. based on the brief and budget.  

Get in touch via email – papayastories@gmail.com  to ask your questions, find out more and get a personalised quote.

Papaya Stories events are for those who like to try new things, stay curious, like completing interesting challenges or discovering new things about themselves, people and places around them. Each event has an artistic creative foundation as well as elements of surprise, adventure and interactive games.

Follow @papayastories on social media to get inspired by more awesomeness to come.

Silent Disco Packages

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