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October 3, 2019 / Yana Papaya / 10 comments

  Silent Disco Citywalk is an interactive adventure that gives a new perspective on Auckland or any other city.

An immersive site-specific tour up to 60 people when the city becomes the dance floor, public spaces look like a movie set, strangers become performers.

Daytime or evening options available.

Inquire about a personalised Silent Disco Citywalk package for any kind of event, big or small. Email us at papayastories@gmail.com to get the quote.


13 November –  FREE Silent Disco Citywalk GLOW IN THE DARK EDITION – 7.30pm – 9pm
SOLD OUT – Join the Waiting List – click here.

November – FREE Kroad Walks  – Stay tuned for more updates

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Silent Disco Citywalk is a Rain or Shine event thanks to our sponsors, BLUNT Umbrellas, the best umbrellas in the Galaxy.


What is Silent Disco Citywalk? Why is it so awesome?

Silent Disco Citywalk hits Auckland streets, hidden corners, parks, car parks, exciting public spaces and city objects. Therefore it is an energetic outdoor multi-sensory experience that gives a new perspective on the city. It sparks curiosity, gives the sense of freedom and joy. The special vibe at the event is provided by our dance guides. In addition, we design the pre-recorded entertainment audio programme full of interesting stories, jokes, positive affirmations and music that everyone in a group hears at the same time.

The sky is the limit and our event is accessible to everyone from 5 to 85 years old. Therefore, the walk brings diverse people together who together play games, discover new public spaces, learn about the area and dance along to favourite music tunes. Above all, it makes everyone smile. In other words, Silent Disco Citywalk is a place for connection, self-expression, freedom and joy!

Silent Disco Routes in Auckland.

Currently there are six routes available in Auckland. Each route has its own theme, music playlist, entertainment programme and surprises. For example, the Glow in the Dark edition is guided by Darth Vader and the music theme is inspired by the Maramataka calendar. Our Kroad route represents the conversation between right and left brain, while the Britomart-Newmarket adventure is inspired by Black Mirror TV Series and narrated by the Future Self.

Click the links below to learn more about each route and its theme.

ROUTE #1 – Victoria Park – Silo Park
ROUTE #2 – Britomart – Newmarket (includes a trip on a train)
ROUTE #3 – Henderson Edition
ROUTE #4 – Kroad Extravaganza
ROUTE #5 – Panmure Edition
ROUTE #6 – Silo Park – Queens Wharf – Glow in the Dark Edition

Our creativity and drive are not limited to those routes. We are keen to design new programmes and routes in different suburbs in and outside of Auckland. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it further.


What if I don’t want to dance in public? Is this event for me?

If you are not into dancing at all, don’t worry, because we have your back. Firstly, it’s a myth that you need to dance to enjoy the experience. Secondly, our fun, easy-going, professional and friendly team will look after you before, during and after the event. Finally, the activities we came up will keep you engaged. So relax and have fun along the way.

Surprise! Your safety at the event is very important to us. That’s why we have a 10-minute health & safety briefing session before each event and also tell you how to enjoy the Silent Disco Citywalk experience to the max. 

People at Auckland train station enjoying silent disco

What our audience says about Silent Disco Citywalk…

The world is filled with cheap cynicism – but it is a poor substitute for genuine emotional expression.What Silent Disco CityWalk provides is a space for release, and an opportunity to reflect and simply enjoy the pleasure of being present in the moment. Sublime. – Tim George, TheatreScenes

 The event itself was amazing – great music and it’s totally up to you as to how much you wish to dance (or simply walk!). There is a great focus on wellbeing and I couldn’t help but smile at the end. There is power in movement and being in the moment. – Andrew Tui

It mattered not how you moved to the sounds in your headsets you just felt the elation and freedom and don’t even notice if anyone is watching or judging. I saw so much more of this busy chaotic city than I ever have before too. Nicely run event, gorgeous choice of sounds and i can’t wait to join the next one this month! – Heathermeg Sampson

A event at Silo Park Auckland with people dancing to silent disco

People walking at Auckland train station Newmarket silent disco

We offer Silent Disco personalised packages for your event or occasion.

Our personalised Silent Disco packages provide bespoke entertainment for corporate, fundraising, festival, community engagement event or private party. Click here or one of the images to find out more about events options.

Email us at papayastories@gmail.com to inquire more about personalised silent disco package. Let’s make the  world a better place together.

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