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Kroad Extravaganza

November 21, 2019 / Yana Papaya / 5 comments

Welcome to Kroad Extravaganza –  a vibrant and unusual Silent Disco Citywalk route, Auckland’s Fun Event like no other. It is a unique, outdoor and interactive 60-min walking experience for 10-50 people brought to you by Papaya Stories.

No dance experience is required, just be YOU. It is a family-friendly , dog-friendly event. Kids 5+ years old are welcome.
Rain or Shine thanks to our sponsors, Blunt Umbrellas.

Check out the video from the Silent Disco Citywalk Kroad and get inspired! 

Silent Disco Kroad Events Theme and Route.

The route’s theme is the debate between the left and right brain, so get ready to be surprised. Dress up options available.
Wear something colourful to support the Right Brain Hemisphere or get nerdy to express your love towards the Left Brain Hemisphere. Or simply ignore the dress up option to get ready to have a good time anyway.

Our Silent Disco Citywalk Kroad route starts at Aotea Square, goes through the Myers Park, St.Kevin’s Arcade, Kroad, Pink Lightpath, Te Ara I Whiti and finishes in the Kroad Cemetery.

Silent Disco Citywalk Kroad Extravaganza
I feel like I have found my favourite way to move through the city, reimagine space & my relationship to it. – Hayley Dallimore
Silent Disco Kroad St Kevins Arcade
Silent Disco Citywalk Kroad Extravaganza

What Silent Disco City Walk provides is a space for release, and an opportunity to reflect and simply enjoy the pleasure of being present in the moment. Sublime. – Tim George, TheatreScenes

Lie down and relax

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Silent Disco Citywalk Kroad Extravaganza

It was a very positive experience – we loved your energy and enthusiasm and enjoyed seeing some areas of Auckland we hadn’t been to before. Favourite parts were reactions from onlookers and just walking with no agenda. Overall, 10 out of 10. We weren’t sure what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it. – Leanne Barnett

Interactive Busking Performance
Campbell McKenzie guitarist on Kroad
People holding hands to do the ballet moves

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Silent Disco Citywalk Kroad Extravaganza
People walking up
Strike the pose - dancing in headphones

 I was a bit cautious at first, but after you embrace the spirit and let loose, it is so much fun! And it’s awesome when you meet those gem of a people that cheer you on along the way. It was clear you spent a lot of effort organising the citywalk, and it really paid off. And it was a good workout too! The team did a great job at keeping us peppy and making sure we crossed the roads safely. – Sophia Rodrigues

People in headphones smiling away

Find all photos from the event here. 

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Or email us – papayastories@gmail.com to get a quote about the group bookings to the Silent Disco Citywalk Kroad! 


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