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Would you like to explore the unique and innovative way to bring diverse people together?  Check out the Silent Disco Citywalk placemaking and community event and see how it turns strangers into happy communities, improves the mental health and social cohesion, makes people feel in love with their suburb and the city. Explore how the musical fun tour turns ordinary into extraordinary and bring a sense of joy into your community.


Papaya Stories created the Silent Disco Citywalk to share a fresh perspective on the suburb with locals, new residents and visitors. No matter what community or suburb you are coming from, we are your people – we like to explore new parts of the city and create new experiences.

Silent Disco Citywalk is a a 60-minutes or 90-minutes energising and interactive city tour around Auckland where everyone in a group connected through the headphones and pre-recorded audio programme. We can also create a  indoor experience depending on your preference location.

Fall in love with your suburb all over again with the help of Silent Disco Citywalk.  We create a route based on your brief while also paying attention to area’s hidden gems and introduce them to the audience during the walk  – be it dancing on the rooftop of the carpark inviting yourself to the graffiti basement or enjoy the city lights during the night time or introduce the audience to local businesses and engage them with public spaces on a new level. We are the true experts in finding extraordinary in ordinary, so we’ll be happy to organise walks everywhere for your community around Auckland and beyond.

Papaya Stories team worked with multiple governmental agencies, local boards and business associations to adapt the concept of the Silent Disco Citywalk to the local community. Click here to check out the article about the community event in Henderson or click here to check out the story about Panmure Town Centre Activation.

Papaya Stories Clients - Auckland Council - Panuku Silent Disco Citywalk

There is a beauty around the corner and all we need at times is a small reminder to look around, take a deep breath and be grateful for what we have. Silent Disco Citywalk is a great physical and engaging activity for Mind. Body. Soul. Movement is a great release of stress. Dance or walk is a good exercise. When you combine those things together and add a bit of papaya vibes, magic things happen and positivity radiates all around people.

Our team provides you with wireless headphones that is one of the key ways how we “communicate” during the experience. Each of the participants will hear the same music playlist and pre-recorded entertainment programme that includes themed music playlist, voice-over commentary, games instructions, jokes and riddles. Our entertainers and tour guides are responsible for health & safety regulations and creating a unique space for self-expression, joy and community fun! The music playlist and entertainment programme can be personalised to the tastes and interests of the audience, region, group of people, it can also feature local knowledge about the history and culture of the area.

Silent Disco Glow in the Dark - Auckland

Community Event Panmure 2019

People walking in the Myers Park Kroad 2019

Community group photo after the Silent disco Citywalk - Henderson

Fell free to contact the team at papayastories@gmail.com to get a personalised quote for your birthday. Please note that we require at least a 1 week notice prior your booking and  a 2 week notice if you would like us to add more music into the playlist or design a new audio programme.

We’d like our project to be social responsible and accessible to various social groups:

If you are interested in discussing how we can organise our events for the groups described above, please don’t hesitate to contact us on papayastories@gmail.com

Youth Development with Silent Disco

Community engagement event Auckland by Papaya Stories


  1. Youth Development – we provide a platform to inspire young people to get outdoors, express themselves creatively through music, dance, physical activity and fun.  We promote the healthy lifestyle and non-achologic way of having fun and enjoying life.
  2. Community diversity – all people are welcome to come for a walk. No dance experience or desire is required. Our entertainers and guides will look after the audience at the event and encourage to learn new dance moves.
  3. We’ll be happy to attract more local talents from a specific area and suburb, whether it is inviting a DJ to record a music playlist, few professional dancers to join our tribe and help the audience to get loose and move freely.
  4. Setting up a pop-up Silent Disco Citywalk station in a new suburb each month or each week as an alternative non-alcoholic, drug-free way to unwind and recharge over the weekend. People can hire / or get a pair of headphones from the Silent Disco booth that can be set up near the shopping centre, night club, pub or bars to inspire people to listen to music and do something different.
  5. Beach Clean-ups with a twist – listen to the interactive soundtrack, move along while doing something good for the planet.
  6. Dress up themes / Costume parties as a part of Street Carnival to celebrate Life, Diversity and Authenticity!

Do those ideas sound fun? If yes, make sure to get in touch.

Email us about yourself, your project and budget at papaystories@gmail.com 

Silent Disco Citywalk Auckland

Silent Disco Packages

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