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Entertainment For Formal Events & Conferences in Auckland

Imagine yourself being in the audience and listening to X amount of speakers during the formal event. While you feel excited at the start of the event, by midday your brain slows down. It feels like you can’t memorise any new information. You feel quite tired, and not motivated at all. The only idea that somehow excites you is the thought about the upcoming lunch time followed by networking conducted in a traditional way.

Looking for an easy fix of creating business events with a bigger value and input?

Ask us to set up a Silent Disco Station! Charge your guests with positive energy and help them to shake off the accumulated stress.

We’ll set up an entertainment Silent Disco booth that invites your guests to stop by, put headphones on, switch between 2-3 music channels that will inspire further dance moves. While one is immersed into the world of music through the headphones, other people can’t hear a thing. Therefore you can have a speaker giving a speech in one room, while a group of people enjoying the break while jamming to the favourite tunes and causing zero noise. Win-win. That’s why the Silent Disco station has been so successful among the business world too.

Email us at papayastories@gmail.com or call on 022 438 78 06 to get a quote and place your booking.

Please note that we require at least a one-week notice before the actual event date.

Silent Disco for Corporate Events Auckland New Zealand

Silent Disco For Corporate Parties in Auckland 

Depending on your agenda there are two ways to enjoy the Silent Disco events in your company. You can book a team-building outdoor event called the Silent Disco Citywalk or you can ask us to create one of kind indoor experience for your corporate event. Book an awesome venue in Auckland and let us take care of the rest. The coolest thing about Silent Disco, is that the wireless LED headphones change colours depending on who you choose to listen to, which adds some awesome interactive and social elements to the party.

In some aspects, it can be a “Battle of the DJs” because you can visually see who is winning over the crowd by looking around the room at everybody’s wireless LED headphones. But it doesn’t stop there – the interactivity of the headphones allows for so many creative ideas to come to fruition.

Also with Silent Disco being completely contained in headphones event producers don’t pay for sound permits and city sound ordinances for their events. With Silent Disco, parties can rage on after-hours with no concern of breaking the city sound laws.

Truth is, Silent Disco is here to stay – and if you aren’t involved I can definitely say you’re missing out on something really special.

Our services include

Email us at papayastories@gmail.com or call on 022 438 78 06 to get a quote and place your booking.

Corporate Party with Silent Disco AUckland

Silent Disco Packages

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