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Silent Disco Citywalk Auckland

Winter Route, Winterlude: Britomart to Newmarket by train

June 1, 2018 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Do you walk a lot around the city? How often do you walk? What is your favourite part in the city for walking?

When was the last time when you went on a group walk with strangers?

And the only thing that was a point of connection is the music that is streaming through your headphones?

Watch the video below to see how we break free, warm ourselves up, energise and share the space of self-acceptance, freedom, and love with the help of Silent Disco Citywalk. Make sure you sign up to experience this yourself at least once in a lifetime. Silent Disco Citywalk will transform not only the mundane into something special, but also will give you an opportunity to connect with your true self.

The video is made by Denis Frylov.

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See you on the dance floor.

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