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Papaya Stories celebrated its second Birthday

January 10, 2020 / Yana Papaya / 1 comments

Words by Yana Papaya

Photos by Tanya Perova

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Make Love. Not War” was an unspoken motto of our super duper event, “Magic Photo Booth” that was organised to celebrate Papaya Stories 2nd Birthday which took place on Sunday, 15th November in Auckland City, New Zealand. With help of the Magic Photo Booth we were able to teleport people to their dream locations and travel destinations by immersing them into the culture of this or that country. Now we are ready and happy to let you and your guests experience the Magic of the Photo Booth at any birthday, wedding, anniversary party or any corporate event in Auckland, New Zealand and the whole world. Get in touch with us – papayastories@gmail.com – to organise a Magic Photo Booth event up to your tastes, preferences, dreams and wishes. Or click here to book your Magic Photo Booth experience.
Papaya Stories Birthday Celebration - Our teamPapaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth 01

Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth 01Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth 02


Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth - Cuba 01Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth - Jam 1

IMG_7218The main event concept/idea was to allow teleportation of participants to one of several dreamy travel locations including; Hawaii, Ireland, Russia, Mexico, India, France and Cuba. This simple idea transformed a familiar yard at Khartoum Place in Auckland Central into a mini-theatre, where participants became an invaluable part of the street performance.

Andrew Gordon, who was the official MC and magician at the event, invited people from the street to teleport to one of seven countries. Once guests selected their country of preference, they were asked to fill in their details onto boarding passes and were then welcomed behind-the-scenes to experience the Magic of the Photo Booth. Guests had fun in the Photo Booth selecting various props related to this or that country. However, free, photos were not the only treat guests received, on their “return” back to Auckland…coming out of the photo booth, guests were able to dive into the culture and feel the vibe of the country by dancing to its famous traditional songs together with international dancers.

Check out a trailer or full video from the event to experience the magic and joy of our event! To view please click the links below.


Our event gathered more than 20 international dancers together, over more than 200 viewers and 40 people were happily and safely teleported into countries of their dreams. The event itself had a special meaning to each participant. Organisers believed that apart from celebrating Papaya Stories’ birthday anniversary, we all came together on that day for a another special reason…

For us Papaya Stories’ Birthday celebration has become more than just a fun event. It has become a celebration of all cultures, all nations and people from all around the world that are empowered by inspiration and joy who come together to support each other even through the hard times. A celebration of a resilient human spirit that has the power to rise above cruelty and evil in the world! We chose action over fear! We chose love over despair! We chose Life and we were One in that moment of time! Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth 04

IMG_6954Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth 03

Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth - FriendsIMG_6824

Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth - RussiaPapaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth - Russia

Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth - MexicoPapaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth - French cancan


Papaya Stories Birthday - Magic Photo Booth 01

To find out the whole photo collection full of colourful and inspirational photos, check out the Facebook page or Flickr.

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