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Linc Hasler

"Homophobia shouldn’t be a word, shouldn’t even exist."

March 16, 2017 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Words and story by Yana Papaya
Edited by Rina Patel
Photos by Katherine Brook /

Photo Assistant Connor Lambert 

What is your idea of an ideal world? For the hero of today’s story an ideal world consists of an equal, united and connected society where there is no place for stereotypes, judgements, humiliation towards each other and each others diversity. Taking into account the current world scene we are surrounded by, recent events and laws that are undertaken by political leaders, seems like we are far away from reaching the horizon of that optimistic one-love society future.

However, Linc Hasler hasn’t lost faith. His active way of living involves his passion for acting, psychology and life experiences, pushes him forward, motivating him to take the world of acting-games to a new height. Now 42 Linc has achieved a notable reputation as a well-known actor on both stage and TV – Stingers, Rush, City Homicide, Conspiracy 365, Winners and Losers, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, I Love You Too to name a few. While being off-screen or off-stage our hero of this story also plays a few other roles. Linc took part in a most exciting acting workshop with Larry Moss in New York that changed his life. He is a co-founder and producer of Kin Collective, a Melbourne-based theatre company who also look after and host amazing people during party season at Revolver Upstairs 2 days a week. But most importantly, he has been the most creative, giving and loving father that the world could ever produce.

It’s true. Whatever Linc’s success is, be it in acting or when we start to talk about his relationship with his daughter, Linc’s face lightens up and everything else becomes secondary. A father-daughter love bond provides an unlimited source of inspiration, of a whole new level. And that’s what I think makes Linc unique and authentic, he lives wholeheartedly and openly talks about intimate feelings and emotions without that fear of being vulnerable.

We caught up with Linc during his last stay in Auckland and had a conversation at The Station Bar (Kroad), straight after his latest acting stint in a season of Remain in Light.

Linc Hasler (10)

This particular time in his life is one of turning points. Linc describes it as “being in limbo”. He got stuck in a ‘lost and found’ department where he is surrounded by items that have the greatest value to him. He is about to select key moments that he will then take with him on the next part of his journey. Despite any storm and heartbreak, Linc still believes in Love and everything magical that it can lead to. So here comes a story about a talented, passionate Australian / NZ actor, father and son, performer and producer who openly shared personal life-changing experiences and provocative opinions with us.

At the moment I am still questioning if Love lasts forever or if it is an amazing passing thing.  It’s essential for a being to believe that Love is real, it exists and you need to believe in that despite how dark and low you can get, you MUST believe. You have to have faith.

I am full of contradictions. There is a false sense of optimism when I am falling in love and at the same time there is this pessimistic attitude in me that says, ‘This might not work out in the end, this might not last forever.’ At the same time I think that we must believe in true Love, otherwise what’s the point?

At the moment I feel like I am in limbo and going through a rough patch. I need to accept the cards that I have been given and move on, so this won’t hold me back as I want to be happy. Plus, I really want to get into acting again and play successful parts so I get feeling of being truly satisfied with what I am doing.

I am open-minded in every aspect. I have a need to be entertained. Each day has to have something that will inspire me, otherwise I run the risk to getting bored. I like new experiences, meeting new people.

I hate dishonesty in every form, that’s why I don’t censor myself, most of the time I don’t have a filter.

Boys and girls can be friends without  any physical attraction. My oldest friend is a guy since we were 11. When I was 13-14 years I met another great friend of mine and we are best friends till this day. We are inseparable and nothing romantic or sexual happened between us in the 30 years of knowing her. We are true soulmates. ‘You just can’t live without her… that’s what true friendship is…and then you have sex with them (laughs)…Just joking.’

I kissed a guy a few times. As part of an acting exercise as well as a drunken party thing. Back then I would go and kiss anybody who was in the room. But as far as I know, I’ve never been with a guy. It doesn’t occur to me, cause I don’t want to, I don’t want to sleep with anyone who passes me on the street either.

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Linc Hasler (2)

If there was no diverse sexuality, how overpopulated would his world be? Everyone would be a breeder. There are enough people here already, stop making new people, stop having sex and breeding.

There is still a need for gay parades and marches. And there is a reason for that. For years and years, decade after decade those guys have been so suppressed and oppressed so much. It must be celebrated until it is accepted all around the world. It must be celebrated until it’s 100% across the board equal.

You are not born homophobic. Homophobia shouldn’t be a word, shouldn’t even exist. People came up with that. Humans are attracted to humans, that’s it. I don’t care how narrow-minded and shallow you were brought up or how fucked up your environment has been, everyone needs to understand that humans are attracted to humans.

I don’t think that gays and lesbians are sexual minorities. I think if everyone was open about their sexuality the numbers would be even, so maybe then we wouldn’t discuss it that much. Who decides that gays and lesbians are the minority?

The one thing that has always bothered me in regards to politicians refusing to ” approve ” of same sex marriage. “More often than not” corrupt politicians are waving their arms around complaining how it’s not normal or what the “bible” says and etc. When what we’re talking about here is the love of one human for another with the only physical tangible difference is what one decides to do with their genitals!! Quite frankly, where one humans puts his/ her genitals near another’s can by all means remain their business. Because apart from that physicality difference they are merely or greatly and simply a living breathing human .

If we are to categorize people into groups of where they’d prefer to put their ” junk”, let’s start categorizing those against same sex marriage and ask them their bedroom business!  History has shown us that people in power are often the most dishonest people on the planet and this of course means their dishonesty, infidelity, sordid and sometimes dark secrets hidden in the bedroom. So where the hell anyone get the right to even COMMENT let alone decide on who loves and who enjoys who …

Linc Hasler (49)
Linc Hasler (53)
Linc Hasler (42)

When I was 15-16 we were passionate about heavy metal stuff. We were getting around in our chains, leather jackets and patches, earrings and dodgy haircuts. Also, it was no secret that I would listen to Edith Piaf at home. And surely my friends would wonder: “What’s wrong with Linc? Is he gay?” But I didn’t care, good music is  good music no matter what the genre or performer is like.

I couldn’t do the normal job thing, I needed to be myself. I couldn’t just put on a suit and go and work for someone else. While at the moment I am lucky enough to work 2 days a week at Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne. It’s a club, but it’s also a family. People go there to be themselves. If you can’t be yourself on a daily basis, what’s the point? That’s why acting is so good.

Number one rule in acting – you can’t hate your character, even if you are playing the most evil character. Everyone needs to be loved. The most broken psychopathic serial-killer is in need of love. When the director tells you to bring the stakes up high, what is higher than love, people commit suicide over love, stakes don’t get much higher than that.

My favourite part of acting is the rehearsal process which can also be the worst period. Discovering a new person/character, its new nature, that you develop can be fun and always exciting. But if you can’t get the character right, you hit the wall. It happened to me once during a recent show I did. I stumbled across the blocks during the rehearsal process which upset me a lot and one day before the show that block just dropped away and I suddenly understood what I was doing wrong. Something small and human, that tiny thing that was blocking me,  transformed the whole performance for me.

Larry Moss is a soft, warm, beautiful human being that I had a pleasure to work with directly at the workshop. He is so good. If he was a garbage collector, he would be the world’s best garbage collector because he just loves his job soooo much and he wants you to get it. He is there for you to show that you can do it and the only reason that you can’t do it, is because of those blocks that he helps to remove. Anyone leaves his class with a feeling “I can do any role now…” And this self-confidence comes after an interaction with Larry. You are standing next to him and feeling like you are in a warm bath. I watched myself feeling 100% anxious as I was surrounded by 200 fellow actors, each of them was an actor, much more professional and known than me, some of them were from the upper hierarchy of the industry. I felt myself so anxious, had knots in my stomach. Larry came over and said that everyone here is on my side, they are all here to learn, you can’t fail. Straight after that I have never felt as relaxed as back then. This acting experience was the most fearful and relaxed thing that I have ever done.

Acting is a endless human study. You find beauty and compassion even towards the worst character which helps you to understand people more in real life, understand their pain and where they are coming from…so you can actually notice more beauty around. As an actor you spend most of your time on human studies as an actor, so eventually you tend to understand humans more. So it’s good for your soul.

Linc Hasler (24)
Linc Hasler (46)

You never take acting from an aggressive point of view. For instance, look at Hannibal Lecter and think of the things that you like about him – he is witty, funny, charming, with a good sense of humour, he is a gentleman, there is something that you like about him. You don’t approach him in a way where he is soooo nasty, this is the way I would go about finding the way to play the nasty sides of him.

I always knew that I would have a daughter. My high school friends like to remember that when we were 14-15 we already discussed that I would have a daughter. I always had a good connection with women and my long-term girlfriends were my friends first. I always swayed more towards chicks more, probably also because I grew up with my mother. My dad passed away when I was 18 years old.

The level of empathy has grown in me significantly since I become a father. Now every drama I witness or come across I think about my daughter and how it would make me feel if it was my child. For example, I saw a kid with one arm and previous Linc would think and be empathetic towards that child thinking: “oh, a poor kid…how life is unfair..” and then i get a beer and forget about that kid and never think of him again. And 2 years later I stand on the street watching the same kid with one arm and think what if it was my daughter. An uncontrollable feeling of empathy shook me incredibly. Of course I would care previously about other children and things but not to that level.

Watching my daughter being upset with this thing or another simply breaks my heart. And as soon as I felt that strong sense of worry towards my daughter I thought about how hard it must have been for my mum to be my mum. She probably worried about me too much, although she allowed me to be this way. She was way too lenient on me and I almost had no discipline. However, I also knew and felt that I couldn’t disappoint my mum…I couldn’t just do it and that was the discipline I needed.

Isn’t it funny kids can become friends immediately until they are not. As opposed to an adult’s way – you suss people out first and then decide if you are going to be friends. Kids are like backpackers from Berlin. They come over to you and are ready to party.

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