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Now than ever, we need time off to re-charge the batteries, connect with your own source of inspiration, so we can live in harmony with ourselves, our desires and dreams and achieve greater things!

Our workshops and talks are meant to bring you closer to your inner sense of purpose, creativity, passion and joy. They are tailored to a certain theme (described below) BUT they can be customised based on the audience’s requirements, questions and the size of the group.

Thus, the cost per workshop or talk varies.


Surprise Workshop – 2 hours

 Audience – 15+ years old

School or university groups, the general public, event and wedding organisers, small and medium businesses, HR-consultants and HR-managers

        Surprise workshop is full of inspiration. It includes a talk about the true value of surprises and unexpected gifts in lives of others and our wellbeing, giving vs receiving, giving memories, experiences vs materialistic things; the practical part includes ideas generations, a step-by-step guide that will help to:

Creative Mindfulness Workshop

2-3 hours

Audience: 15+ years old

School or university groups, the general public, small and medium business owners

Creative Mindfulness Workshop is designed to provide you with hands-on and practical tools to calm your mind and ignite the imagination, so you will appreciate life in small things, notice extraordinary in ordinary, attempt to live in a moment and thus, create your life from scratch based on your ideas, passions and dreams.

The workshop includes a mindfulness talk, plus we’ll provide a wide range of activities to get the brand working in a new way, encourage creative and problem-solving thinking as well as reduce anxiety and stress:



by Yana Papaya

Sharing your story is beneficial to both yourself and the world because this act connects you with others and inspires action to transform the way you give, love and live. When you speak your truth you get distance from your “perceived story” and a valuable awareness to move forward in life.

Based on a personal transformative, open-hearted and inspiring story that Yana will share with the audience, including the part why she left Russia and moved to New Zealand, and stories of other people, the talk explores the significant and hidden power of storytelling – the healing, transformative power, essential for every human being and curing the society in general.

“The more open and honest we stay with ourselves and each other, the more raw stories we share with the world, the better self-aware society we can build. That conscious humanity will make the right choices for the future generations to come.” – Yana Papaya, Founder @ Papaya Stories


by Yana Papaya

You might not know, but Yana is also a Marketing Consultant, Project Manager and Ideas Generator with 10+ years global experience who sets off the love affair between the brand and the customers.

She is a fan of Lovemarks movement indeed.

Creating a meaningful emotional and immersive experience in real life matters to Yana the most. So Experiential Marketing is her favourite type of marketing and promotion. Taking the audience through the variety of the business cases, she was involved in –   Nestle, Nokia, Grohe, Cirque du Soleil as well as showing latest trends, coolest and inspiring international projects, Yana demonstrates the undeniable business value of the experiential marketing that during the digital age becomes an essential multi-sensory tool that engages customers like nothing else.

She explores the idea of giving and TRULY connecting to your customer in the marketing world based on the following elements: Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy.

Let Yana talk and find out Why? When? How? an unexpected gift or a random personalised surprise can turn your customers into your brand ambassador and make them loyal beyond the reason?

Find out more about Yana’s Professional Background from www.yana.nz


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