Vladimir Barabanov

I am very glad to be a part of this interesting, unusual and kind project. I expect only good things to come along to us, such as inspired and happy readers all around the world, generous sponsors, high rates for shares and stocks, worldwide popularity, the highest payment editorial fees ;-))

Inspired by movies. It might be a typical answer, but I am amazed by people who create them. All who is involved are simply geniuses! Of course, I don't like every movie I see, but films directed by Woody Allen or Tarantino are quite outstanding.

Love when you get a feeling when you have done something nice and good for a person or the whole world. I love those moments maybe because I feel myself a superman, haha ;)

I can't stand when people do a job with a feeling that someone forces that to do it.

Dream interview? I would love to talk to myself in 50 years and the theme would be "what have I done wrong?" Is it possible to hear this interview today? ;-)) But seriously, I would also like to talk with, a world-known journalist and writer Vladimir Pozner.

I love life and the chocolate with hazelnut.

Feel free to check out my portfolio here: http://www.vladimirbarabanov.com/ and feel free to get in touch for various sorts of collaborations and photo shoots.

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