Publishing Editor

Rina Patel

I love how Papaya Stories uncovers and shares the power of an individual’s perspective and purpose -this is what I feel Papaya Stories represents to me, even though I’ve only had a very minuscule participation and involvement with Papaya Stories now as an editor/proof reader.

I am inspired by people – their perspectives on the world and how they came shaped to be that way. Sometimes inspiration comes in the most unforeseen and unexpected ways, for instance, I had to wait in a car one-day and as I did I noticed raindrops appeared on the windscreen, they disappeared every 3-4 seconds as the windscreen wipers were left on –this made me contemplate how life is like that –things come and they go, like people or a meal or a dwelling, practically anything and everything is temporary! Such a mundane thing unfolded into a deep contemplative thought!

I love my grandparents.

I dislike bad service!

Dream interview. Arundhati Roy. Would’ve picked Jim Henson as Kermit The Frog!

I love life...and how it mysteriously unfolds!

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