Maryana Kirakovskaya

I am inspirational soul that is keen to make a world of Papaya Stories a better place. I am putting my creative writing/editing skills to make each story a perfectly written piece of inspiration.

Each story I deal with touches my soul deeply. This is what we try to achieve within Papaya Stories project - we are encouraged to show you more than you get used to see and find in ordinary people's lives. Using various creative forms - words, photography and short films - we are turning each personal story into an evolving human experience full of lessons and confessions. It is all about co-creativity that spreads within hearts of our participants, around our team, readers and the whole Universe!

I am inspired by Sun, Sister and Sea.

Love God. I love my family and my friends. Love seeing happy smiling people. Love fashion and art. I love coffee, prefer it with milk. I am a sweet tooth, thus I love to taste and cook desserts, and I love good food. I love biking and ice skating. Love flowers, animals, especially dogs. I love life!

I don't like snobs and rude people. Don't like cold. Don't like to get up early, but trying to improve this and starting like early mornings. Can't stand mess, especially in my house, at the same time can't stand mopping and ironing, but have to do theses chores to keep my house in order. Don't like queues and bad customer service upsets me.

Dream interview: Leonardo DiCaprio, especially after seeing "The Great Gatsby".

I love life for waking up in the morning, for the opportunity of doing good deeds, for being able to see, hear, walk, run, breathe, laugh and cry, feel, for goose bumps on my skin and for butterflies in my tummy. For every single moment I live in I am grateful and I wouldn't want ask for more! ♥

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