Inspiring Stories

Stephen Shropshire

"And your true self is infinite, isn’t it?"

Murrays Bay Wharf Birdman 2020.

Or how we showed to the world that books can fly.

Jimi Hunt

"The best project that you can always work on is yourself."

Valery Moskovaya-Russo.

"To me, love smells like my daughter."

Rebecca Swan

"I became of service to the work that was...."

Silent Disco Citywalk

Kroad Extravaganza

Boy doing a breakdance in headphones

Silent Disco Citywalk

Panmure - 2 Nov 2019

Glow In The Dark Costume Ideas.

Silent Disco Citywalk 5 July.

International Jazz Day

The story about the Silent Disco Citywalk 1st anniversary and all that jazz.

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