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Silent Disco Citywalk Love Edition

Silent Disco Citywalk

Love Edition - Limited Event Series! Book Now

Art of Sleeping - An immersive workshop by Papaya Stories

Art of Dreaming.

The relaxing immersive experience that celebrates pre-sleep rituals.

Silent Disco Citywalk.

Pick up your route and book NOW!

Let’s reduce stress before Christmas!

Check out the Random Act of Kindness activation.

Silent Disco Walk with Friends in Auckland Papaya Stories

When music is your best friend.

Silent Disco walks for friends and community groups.

Silent Disco Citywalk

Kroad Extravaganza

girls with headphones are going up the stairs near the tree

Interactive Art Tour

for the Open Arts Day at Corban Estate Arts Centre.

Dinner with Warhol - Fri 26 July


As a part of Auckland Elemental Festival

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