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Silent Disco Citywalk.

Winter Route Britomart-Newmarket. Coming Soon!

June 1, 2018 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Silent Disco Citywalk – when Auckland transforms into a dance floor. 

A unique immersive experience for 10-40 people. No dance experience is required

Bring your children, parents or even grandparents. Age: 7+ years old

Route #1. Victorian Era is taking a break over the winter.

Route #2. Winterlude

Britomart – Newmarket by train   $25.00 + Booking Fee* COMING SOON 

*If you have a trouble booking, please call on 022 438 78 06

Silent Disco Citywalk hits Auckland – streets, parks, carparks and public spaces. This is an energetic outdoor multi-sensory and immersive experience like no other. Rain, shine or snow event. 60-minutes wall around the city that will lighten up your day and turn the city into a dance floor, familiar places into a playground, people around you into a bunch of awesome humans. 

It is a mix of walk, dance, adventure, games and fun that can be enjoyed on your own or shared with your friends and family. Rain or shine event. We also have a plan B in case of rain and stormy weather. No dance experience, passport, NZ visa are required. Only You matter to us. We have a few central walking routes available during the summer time. And we have one central route to keep us going during Winter. This city route is called Winterlude that will be on from June to November. It is mostly covered due to unpredictable rainy and cold weather and includes a trip on a train. How fun is that?

Silent Disco Citywalk experience is designed to elevate your spirit, inspire your senses and give you a fresh perspective on the city.  You will be connected to the same music playlist that also includes elements of pre-entertainment interactive programme that helps everyone to connect with each other and have additional portion of fun. Silent Disco Citywalk is our way to create a safe space where each of you can enjoy physical and emotional freedom.

Our easy-going, professional and friendly crew will look after you before, during and after the event. We have a 10-minute briefing session before each event where we are going to take you through health & safety regulations and tell you how to enjoy the Silent Disco Citywalk experience to the max. Read FAQ & Terms & Conditions


If you would like this experience to be used for your business, brand or PR campaign, fundraising, festival or entertainment for any sort of personal occasion, make sure to get in touch with us to discuss it further. Email us at papayastories@gmail.com and gives us an idea what you are trying to do and what you might require. We have a few central routes available for you to choose from, but always keen to design a new walking route in or outside of Auckland.

We are passionate about customising and personalising Silent Disco Citywalk experience for your audiences needs, music taste and favourite things. We can personalise an entertainment programme, music playlist, design a new route, come up with the theme dance party or add an extra creative surprise element to our programme. Entertainment options and prices for various group of people and purposes might vary.

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