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Silent Disco Citywalk

Kroad Extravaganza

March 6, 2019 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Photography by Liesha Ward Knox

Video by Denis Frylov

Words and experience by Yana Papaya

Welcome to Kroad Extravaganza, a very special vibrant and eclectic Silent Disco Citywalk route.  It is a unique, outdoor, immersive, multi-sensory 60-min experience for 10-30 people brought to you by Papaya Stories.

No dance experience is required, just be YOU. It is a family-friendly event, toddlers, Kids 5+ years old are welcome. Rain or Shine thanks to our sponsors, Blunt Umbrellas.

Our next Kroad Citywalk is on Sunday 31 March
5:30pm – 7pm
Aotea Square – Kroad Cemetery
$12.50 per ticket, book your ticket now!


Wear something colourful but comfy to get ready to have a good time anyway.
Our Kroad route starts at Aotea Square, goes through the Myers Park, St.Kevin’s Arcade, Kroad itself, Pink Lightpath, Te Ara I Whiti and finishes in the Kroad Cemetery.

The route’s theme is the debate between the left and right brain, so get ready to be surprised.

I feel like I have found my favourite way to move through the city, reimagine space & my relationship to it. – Hayley Dallimore

SDC Kroad Extravaganza 9

SDC Kroad Extravaganza 5

SDC Kroad Extravaganza 2

What Silent Disco City Walk provides is a space for release, and an opportunity to reflect and simply enjoy the pleasure of being present in the moment. Sublime. – Tim George, TheatreScenes

SDC Kroad Extravaganza 1

SDC Kroad Extravaganza 15

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