Picnic Afisha 2015.

Summer festival. Moscow, Russia

September 24, 2015 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Words and video by Yana Papaya

Photos by Katherine Brook 

Today we offer you a free trip to summer. And it’s pretty an exclusive travel package. First and foremost it’s very exciting and interesting because a country that we have chosen for our presentation isn’t a tropical island carrying out an endless summer spirit with all inclusive treats, coconuts  for breakfast, tender sunlight and perfect waves for your lunch, pino coladas and bloody orange sunsets for your dinner. We are going to introduce you to a country of four seasons and extreme temperatures, hot summer days and cold winter but cozy nights. Today we are going to show you how awesome Russian summer can be! Yes, it’s time to taste some bits of our home country and break stereotypes about this country.

Picnic Afisha (33)Papaya Stories team was lucky enough to go and check out the beauty of the annual music and lifestyle alcohol-free summer festival that takes place in one of the Moscow parks. This event is called Picnic Afisha which is organised by Afisha, the best alternative media company that consists of the biggest online platform introducing entertainment, education, social and lifestyle news (afisha.ru) and the print magazine version that includes the best of the best. So this lifestyle medium in itself is a connecting point that brings incredible, talented, young and young at heart people together to celebrate the joy of summer and all the fun it contains within. 

As the summer in Russia lasts only 3 months a year organisers do their best in occupying soul and mind with so many various activities at the festival, so each of us can take the most of it and try as many new trendy or spiritual things as possible. Those people who complain about the fact that a music line-up from a year to year is getting worse, in my opinion, have become victims themselves considering Picnic Afisha as only music event. It’s much more than that. Each year Picnic Afisha team offers you a curious map that takes you to the spirit of endless summer suggesting you stopping by yummy food spots, meeting interesting people at the markets, hanging out at the music stage and shaking your head to the tunes of the leading local and foreign artists. Or if you are tired of that bustle simply grab your friends and have awesome times while playing games, going through quests or taking part in various workshops. Perfect romantic spots for couples or relaxing areas for the solitude under the tree are always provided.

Check out our colourful photostream and the video made by us for you, our lovely community of readers from all around the world! Get the taste of summer and be inspired by true alcohol-free Russian free spirit!

And if you ever find yourself in Moscow in July, make sure Picnic Afisha festival will be on your must-see and experience list. Good vibes, beautiful people and amazing connections are guaranteed!

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