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Melancholy mood and six senses.

October 14, 2015 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Believe us, feeling blue and melancholic can be also nice. We came up with a special movie selection for you, which won’t leave you indifferent as it has a relation to each of your senses.



IMDb rating: 7.60

It’s not that crucial whether you are into Asian cinematography or not: a beautiful story about love and courage will surely touch your heart. Each scene looks like a complete unique artwork. Therefore by watching or re-watching this movie you would satisfy your artistic hunger as well. A sweet post-movie sadness will probably inspire you to have a philosophical vision on life which from time to time can be a good way of thinking for forever-in-a-hurry citizens.


lock-stock- Papaya Stories movie review

IMDb rating: 8.20

Do you agree that London fall sets up a melancholic mood that can be ignored? So here it comes in all beauty and power. Besides expect to be involved into an entangled plot of the story, debut brilliant performance by Jason Statham (who he used to be a street dealer before, just the same as in the beginning of a movie), a bunch of truly charismatic men and much more while watching this timeless Ritchie’s criminal masterpiece. But if you ask me what I like in this movie in particular. I’ll certainly tell you that MUSIC IS A KEY! Have a listen here!


My-Blueberry-Nights Papaya Stories Movie Selection Flavour

IMDb rating: 6.70

Hypnotic movie made by Wong Kar Wai – a talented heartbreaker scriptwriter and fan of neon lamps – is good at all times. Featuring a 300-days journey that helps Elizabeth (Norah Jones) to find her true self back again after her heart was torn apart and crumbled into pieces. An amazing love story that proves the saying: “Good things come to those who wait” will seed a plant of faith in your soul and will excite your tummy. As in this movie lovely Elizabeth not only meeting a love of her life but also start an exciting romance with a blueberry pie. We bet after watching this movie your appetite will be growing and you will be craving for a piece of warm blueberry pie with an vanilla ice-cream on a side. Please feel free to watch a yummy scene below if you don’t mind Italian and next time make sure you will leave a piece of ice-cream on your lips so someone can give you a magic kiss right back on then ;-)))

FREE SPIRIT — HEARTBEAT (2010, Xavier Dolan)

Les-amours-imaginaires Papaya Stories movie selection Free Spirit

IMDb rating: 7.10

The second movie by Xavier Dolan’s ,a young Canadian rebel and gay director, which is somehow similar to Zeitgeist. Exaggerated characters, stressful love triangle, visual pleasure (sometimes we all should learn how to perceive this world as Dolan does), awesome eclectic music choice and such a typical for “youth cinema style” emotional exposure and denudation. True melancholic movie about love and youth.



Fa-yeung-nin-wa _ In the mood for Love Intuition Papaya Stories

IMDb rating: 8.10

Friendship can turn into love or into a special mood for love, as it happens in Kar Wai’s talented work. I can’t stop admiring palette of his movies! It’s a result of wonderful collaboration with Christopher Doyle, my favourite “acid” operator.
This mood for love is so warm, orange-coloured, tender, surrounded by great music themes. Must see for all times.

TOUCH — GOOD WILL HUNTING (1997, Gus Van Sant)

good-will-hunting- Movie Selection Touch Papaya Stories

IMDb rating: 8.20

Probably there are no people out there who haven’t seen Will Hunting movie, but we strongly recommend you to watch it more attentively, admiring background images and letting vibes of the movie penetrate through your skin. Melancholic landscapes and Will’s mood are so good together! Another great idea that is presented by Gus Van Sant here as to focus and show relationships between a mentor and a student (learner). Probably the most famous and wonderful speech by Robin Williams’ monologue who is unfortunately not longer with us…RIP, Mr Williams, is a true masterpiece that will touch your heart. And maybe we should watch this scene from time to time to remind ourselves to be thankful and grateful for all raw emotions and feelings, life experiences that happened to us. And please do think of them and do replay those real moments of your life rather than look through a feed of your Instagram followers.


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