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10 Unusual Movies to watch on a Valentine's Day

February 14, 2018 / Yana Papaya / 0 comments

Happy St.Valentine’s Day, fellows! No matter if you are in relationships or you are cruising solo, let’s celebrate LOVE. Because why not? Love is not a feeling that serves the couples only. Everyone wins who chooses Love. Love is for Everyone.

Love sucks. Love brings you joy. Love is religion. Love creates wonders. Love is the answer. What is the question?

The question is … what is love for you? what would you do for love?

How do you define it?

How does it feel when you are in love?

Are you afraid of falling in love? or you can’t wait to experience a true deep feeling of being intimate with someone special?

Through life experiences and romances both, deep and shallow, we experience various feelings.  Surely we want to feel Love and experience Love that survives through hurdles, breaks through the ice, blows off the fire and feeds the Earth. But to get to that kind of Love you need to grow. And it takes time.

While the clock is ticking how about watching one of the movies that we have prepared for you. Each of them is somehow related to an elusive idea of Love. One movie will put a spell on you, another will tickle your fancy. One love story will break your heart, while another will put it back together. One story explores the idea of dating in an Internet super well-connected and accessible world. Can you relate to it? The trick is that to experience a beautiful deep feeling of Love, you don’t have to go through a hell of a ride in Life. You can just watch movies about it, while leaving suffering in love to someone else.


So watch one of the movies to reflect on your and open yourself up to real L-O-V-E!

Cafe De Flore

Single Man

Double Lover

Like Crazy

Palo Alto

Little Miss Sunshine


Blue Valentine

The Dreamers



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