Founder / Writer / Arts Practitioner / Public Speaker

Yana Papaya

@yana_papaya   www.yana.nz

I am a citizen of the world.

I like to bring diverse people together to experience pure fun and joy. In the end Love is the only thing that matters.

I like to think outside of the box and turn the negative experience into the positive experience.

I break stereotypes and get out of comfort zone.

I hug and smile a lot. I cry.

I dance, sing, write, perform, create, meditate, sit in silence just because this is the way I connect to the world around me and the world within me. What's your way?

I do work on myself to set myself free from the shame, guilt, and suffering. I help others on the healing journey that starts from within.

I came to NZ in 2011 without an original intention to stay. I came to NZ to study and have a break from an intense non-stop Moscow lifestyle. Since 2011 my journey towards my REAL self started. They journey started with labels and questions that addressed the internal issues within me that I don't belong here.

I am not afraid or offended by to be labbeled. As it refers to my own authenticity, extraordinary thinking and ground-breaking way of being, the way of living. Creativity, organising surprises, improvising with the sense of reality,  seek the sense of adventure and spontaneity, finding extraordinary in ordinary, seeing the value and hidden gem behind every human being and living creature excites me and brings me joy. Living differently means not being my REAL self, not living at all.

In Papaya Stories World we like to turn the stranger into the buddy by having a fulfilling conversation, sharing a random act of kindness or meaningful experience.

Then I stand still, reflect and think: "WOW, I wish I could share a bit of what I just felt with someone else. I wish I could approach people to feel more ALIVE and help them tune with their True self."

That's what Papaya Stories is about.  

I am a founder, soulful writer, event organiser, public speaker, community builder, hugger and soul rider at Papaya Stories. I am always here to connect and tell my story, make you smile, run a fun creative workshop and share a hug.

Reach me out.

Papaya Stories is a true essence of my soul that I started growing together with my beautiful soulmate, talented photographer, and gorgeous woman Katherine Brook. Papaya Stories represents a turning point in my career and personal path where I try to connect my skills, passions, gifts, creativity with my life mission which is to inspire people for happy authentic and fulfilling lives. No one else but You can save yourself. And we are here to provide you with inspiration to grow, be faithful to who you are and be with happy with your life no matter what it brings. What will you put in your life memory box? What can you do to feel alive here and now?

I believe in the transforming and healing power of genuine, honest and real storytelling that inspires individuals to take a closer look at ourselves, life story and experiences that shaped us the way we are. Having a space for self-reflection, support group, community events and inspiring stories coming from people like you and me can push us forward to embrace a long-awaited change and connect with your TRUE self. And this is what Papaya Stories is all about.

I believe that there is an inner kid, naughty or shy, lives inside of every human. But somehow while growing old we lose touch with that precious kiddo. Papaya Stories mission is to help you to reconnect with that child that is full of life, curiosity, joy, lives in the moment and always ready for an adventure.

I am inspired by constant motion, a possibility to see and notice beauty everywhere around, an ability to enjoy the moment, water, music, fearless people, freedom, random acts of kindness, thoughtful conversations, true solid men, a feeling of falling in love and being connected to a person, passion, beautiful  country, unknown place, day or night and the whole world in general.

Love ocean, PAPAYA, avocado, coffee, travel, arts in all its diversity, getting out of comfort zone, self-awareness, ideas, surprises, sing, do something random, dance, swimming, tennis, surfing, going on a date with myself, massage, massage, massage, watching the night sky, having good times with my soulmates, reading, tiramisu, taking a bath, summer dresses, Eley Kishimoto shoes, wandering, a touch and smell of a print magazine and a newspaper, secondhand bookstores.

I can't stand bad and rude manners, passive-aggressive and victimhood attitude, hypocrisy.

Dream interviews are Mardo El-Noor, Leonardo Di Caprio, Krill Serebrennikkov, Franz Kafka, Irina Khamada, Alicia Keys, Katherine Brook, Milla Jovovich, Sting, Dalai Lama, Jamiroquai, Renata Litvinova, Zemfira, and people like you and me.

I Love life because it gives me a chance to find my True self and have more meaningful experiences that make me feel alive! ♥

Will be happy to collaborate with like-minded people from all around the world, take part in various events, social initiatives and creative projects. Email to papayastories@gmail.com or LinkedIn to discuss sponsorship, advertising, collaborations, contract jobs in events, PR, journalism, blogging, music, movie and art industry.

And last but not the least, I do believe that dreams come true! We just need to believe in ourselves, set up the right intention, act in the direction towards our dreams and let the Universe sort out the rest.

Watch the video below of me singing Kalinka-Malinka (a Russian traditional song) with Donavon Freikenreiter and note that it was one of my wildest dreams everrrrr!