Photographer / Illustrator / Photo Editor

Katherine Brook


As a big dreamer I believe that people can achieve and become whatever or whoever they really want. As an Aquarius I am influenced by wind of change but I learn to rule the direction.

My professional portfolio is available here: www.kbrookart.com

Being a part of Papaya Stories team I find my limitless opportunity for creative potential to grow as I can use my skills and vision in various ways - photography, videography, design. As a real music lover I perceive Papaya Stories as an endless playlist of songs which are full of life-inspirational melodies, thoughtful and mindfulness lyrics.

The art is an endless sourse of inspiration for me. It can be music, poetry or visual art. But the most impressive thing is the realisation of how hard and great work has been done behind.

I like an idea of healthy obsessions.

I can't stand discourtesy in terms of disrespectful attitude to someone.

Dream interviews.  Zemfira from a music perspective, Darren Aronofsky and Johnny Depp from a cinematographic perspective, if we could break through spaciotemporal limits I'd love to have a talk with Arnold Newman - a master of photography.

I love life and enjoy this feeling. ♥

Feel free to get in touch with me via email regarding any professional photo projects, interesting creative collaborations, paid photoshoot sessions.