Papaya Stories is a hub of inspiration.

Your Joy is Our Mission! 

We are an Auckland-based social enterprise built on the belief that each of us is here to live to the fullest. Fuelled by the power of arts and play, mindfulness, and psychology, we create unique immersive and interactive events (eg, Silent Disco Citywalk), placemaking activationsrun creative workshops, share engaging stories that inspire people to be authentic, feel more joy, inspiration, and love in the present moment.

We believe in the transformative and healing power that Papaya Stories brings to individuals and diverse communities.

Why our company is called Papaya Stories?

Papaya fruit is great for health & wellbeing, it is full of colour and positivity. It has a tropical Pacifica influence that we connect and explore in our work. Look at Papaya closely and you will see that it is full of tiny seeds. Each human is like a seed full of potential ready to blossom. But at times in order to unleash our full potential, we need a helping hand, awakening moment, kind guidance, or inspiring real-life story. Papaya Stories plants the seeds of inspiration into every human being to remind each person about its incredible extraordinary nature and potential.

We work with governmental agencies, like-minded organisations, businesses, communities, and individuals that support our vision and are keen to facilitate a positive change within the community. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand, but available for national and international collaborations, partnerships, and projects.

Papaya Stories Clients - Auckland Council - Panuku Silent Disco Citywalk


If you are interested in our services, keen to work with us on a project or just want to throw a party and celebrate Flamingoes, get in touch with us via email papayastories@gmail.com or call on 022 438 78 06

Papaya Stories is founded by Yana Kirakovskaya (aka Yana Papaya), Mental Health Advocate, Arts Practitioner, Community Activator, and Speaker. Scroll down to learn more about the Papaya Stories team.

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Yana Kirakovskaya

Founder / Writer / Creative Director / Public Speaker

Yana Kirakovskaya

Katherine Brook

Photographer / Illustrator / Photo Editor

Katherine Brook

Tatsiana Paliakova

Dancer, Choreographer, Events Assistant

Tatsiana Paliakova

We’re always looking for new stories about amazing people, if you know of anyone and would like to put them forward please do get in contact with us.