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March 15, 2016 / 0 RESPONSES

Visual Poetry. Issue 4.Chris Pemberton

Visual Poetry. Выпуск четвертый. Крис Пембертон и его стихотворение


Papaya Stories team continues Visual Poetry Sessions. This time Chris Pemberton is reading his poem “Do extraordinary with ordinary” giving it a bit of rappy feel which we liked to capture and put into a visual form too.

VIsual Poetry. Выпуск Четвертый

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January 27, 2016 / 1 RESPONSES

Visual poetry. Issue 2. “American Beauty.”

Visual Poetry. Выпуск второй


Papaya Stories continues Visual Poetry Sessions where everyone can express himself in a creative way. Think of your favourite essay, novel, poetry or personal writings and read it to us. Let’s unleash your creative potential together!

Visual Poetry. Отрывок из кинофильма "Красота по-американски"

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October 19, 2014 / 0 RESPONSES

Country of Inspiration: Sweden Vision

Страна вдохновения: сказочная Швеция через призму визуального восприятия


Classical full of life paitings by Anders Zorn, Karl Larsson, Swedish design with busy but laconic patterns represented in works of Josef Frank and Stig Lindberg, incredible street fashion style, beautiful and full of charisma Swedish people – this is how we SEE Sweden! Have a look and tell us about your visual preferences.

Полотна в классической и романтичной манере художников Андерса Цорна, счастливая жизнь Карла Ларссона, сумасшедшие и веселые орнаменты в шведском дизайне Йозефа Франка и Стига Линдберга, лаконичность, минималистичность форм и структур, суперстильные и харизматичные люди Швеции - такой мы ВИДИМ эту удивительную страну.

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